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September 3, 2010

Ok, here I go…

To start of this blog (this place where I am posting just to remind myself that I am capable and creative) I thought that I’d post a couple of pictures of a prayer quilt that I made in early spring 2009.  It was made for a young man who had suffered a severe brain injury.  I saw him a few days ago.  It was a miracle that he survived his injury!   And today he is a delightful young man!

(Praise God!)

Working on a prayer quilt

My cat Nils always helps me with my quilting projects.

A bunch of quilting buddies helped me to sew the binding on this quilt.  (I’m not good at hand sewing due to arthritis in my hands.) Thanks quilting friends!

Friends help by hand-sewing the binding on the quilt

Another photo of the finished project…

a prayer quilt on display

He was a musician, thus the musical fabric.

I need to get back into quilting!

— Carol

Photo in header: From my archives, an iced over American Cranberry Bush Viburnum; our Creator gets creative.
Signature font from Gitzen Girl



  1. oh! i love the idea of a prayer quilt! thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Made in the image of the incredible Creator… You creative? You betcha!! Love the quilt and looking forward to your sharing.

  3. Thanks for the comments! Consider yourselves as having spurred on my creativity.

  4. That is a beautiful thing to do. I had a friend crochet me a blanket that had a prayer in every stitch, as she said. It truly means the world. You did a beautiful job.

  5. this is a really neat idea, especially if the person it is given to is prayed for while the quilt is being made. i think it’s cool that he’ll have it to wrap around himself when HE prays, and that he’ll know others prayed for him during his difficult time.

  6. Thank you for your comment over at my place, Carol. You do lovely quilt work – wow! A prayer quilt is a wonderful way to use your gifts.

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