Taking time to be creative

September 23, 2010

I am guilty of thinking that creativity is something to be indulged in only when everything else is done.

Which, of course, it never is.

I am working on remembering that….

  • God created me to be creative. God values my creativity.
  • If I don’t allow myself room to be creative, I am missing out on living the whole of who I was meant to be.
  • That stopping for 30 minutes a day and working at something creative, gives me so much more than just (eventually) a finished project. (The process is more important than the product.)
  • That being creative allows me to feel good about something I want to do, rather than all those things I have to do. (Not that I don’t like some of the things that I have to do… you know what I mean.)

Here’s what I’m working on this week

An outdoor lounge chair under construction

It doesn’t look like much yet does it?

I am building an Outdoor Lounge chair for the front porch using plans from Ana White’s great site (formerly known as Knock Off Wood.com). I started this building project in late August. I’ve been working on it for a month!

It should be ready for use by next spring (at the rate I’m going). But that’s OK. Because I will be creative while I work on it.

What will you do to be creative?


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