Yikes! A long time without creativity!

March 17, 2011

Here is my entry this week to…

How come being creative always gets put way down on my to-do list?

Here’s my latest project (not real exciting but at least it got done)… a shower curtain.

Chosen fabric

Started with some decorator fabric, cut to size. Folded up the hems.

Sewing a couple of seams

Did a bit of sewing… side hems and a hem at the bottom and the top.

Put in rings at the top

Installed some curtain grommets. The bottom one is done. Others in progress. (It was easier than I thought; the package came with a template to mark the hole.)

And presto. A new shower curtain that matches the bathroom pretty well.

the finished shower curtain

Which this photo doesn’t show, because I had to use a flash. In fact I hesitate to even show this… It looks awful! I guess I’ll make it a tiny photo!

What creativity have you been up to?

— Carol

Photo in header: From my archives, an iced over American Cranberry Bush Viburnum – our Creator gets creative. Signature font from Gitzen Girl


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