Soul sculpting

November 3, 2013

We will make Art from ChattingAtTheSky.com

You have heard me mutter: I haven’t been “creative” in a long, long time.

But I’ve come to find out…

that is not true!

I’ve been learning of this certainty by reading the book A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live, by Emily P. Freeman.

Wake-up words are being whispered into my heart:

Believe in your art. In other words, everything you create that makes you come alive. Yes, everything.

Be brave enough to acknowledge what you long for.

Share it with the world.

It is the task I have for you in this season.

My definition of art — creativity — has been expanding.

On Emily’s blog, ChattingAtTheSky.com an invitation is extended to join a linky-party with a post showing a picture representingthe art I’ve been making/living. So here it is… a photo collage representing my “art” as a…

“Soul sculptor in the name of the King of my heart.”

A collage representing Carol's art

I know. It sounds almost gross. (A soul sculptor?)

But instead it’s beautiful.   And creative.   Artful.

How do I soul sculpt? Mainly in two ways.
the logo for Rotation.orgFirst, I am committed to the Workshop Rotation Model for teaching Sunday school. I write curriculum for this model, which is implemented in our church. And I give it away for practically free at the web site dedicated to the Rotation Model.

Look for lessons written by me under the name: CreativeCarol. (I know, it’s overkill.)

I spend a lot of time being “creative” at Rotation.org! (I wear lots of different hats over there: Member of the Board of Directors, assistant web master, Member of the Writing Team, house-keeper…)

a blog button for Family Faith Companion dot org
The second spot for my art is my other blog: The Family Faith Companion. This is where I provide ways to extend the learning from Sunday’s to life. I talk about games to play at the dinner table, and Bible reading plans to follow (with questions!), and about creating space for kids to encounter God… all the while encouraging caregivers that they are the primary soul sculptors for their children!

Yep. Those are my passions. My creativity. My art!

— Carol

Photo in header: From my archives, an iced over American Cranberry Bush Viburnum.
Our Creator gets creative.


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