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A quiltaway (otherwise known as a give-away)!

September 5, 2010

I’ve just “met” someone named Cecily. (well, we haven’t even been introduced! You know how it goes in the blogging world.) Cecily started a blog for kind of the same reason that I did. Why do I mention her? Cecily is giving away a quilt! And posting about it is one of the ways to enter to win this beauty… So of course I’ll take this opportunity to point out someone else who is capable and creative!

the quilt being given away

Isn’t it pretty?!

Even the back is beautiful…
the back of the quilt being given away

For more pictures of this quilt and details about how to win it, visit…

— Carol

Photo in header: From my archives, an iced over American Cranberry Bush Viburnum – our Creator gets creative.
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